Base Metals


High Purity Copper High Purity Copper is used in the production of sputtering targets and bonding wires for IC Production. Copper of lower quality is also used to produce [...]


Lead The Main applications of high purity Lead are in the production of solder alloys and radiation shields. Metal High Purity Lead – 99.99% (4N) High Purity Lead – [...]

LME Lead

Inquiry to procure lead needs are welcomed. LME and Non LME Reg. Lead, 99.97 % min LME and Non LME Reg. Lead, 99.985 % min Lead – 99.985 [...]


Your inquiries are invited for Aluminum granules, notch bars and scrap. Aluminum Notch Bars Aluminum Notch Bar TYPICAL SPECIFICATION AL SI FE CU MN MG CR NI ZN TI SN PB CA NA [...]

Base Metals

Base metals commonly refers to the industrial, non-ferrous metals: Aluminium- Your inquiries are invited for Aluminium Granules, notchbars and scrap. Copper – Nickel [...]