Amalgamet Canada is the Canadian distributor for boron products produced by INKABOR of Peru, who in turn is owned by Colorobbia Group of Italy, a worldwide leader in [...]


Amalgamet Canada acts on behalf of RETORTE GmbH of Germany for sales of their selenium products in North America. RETORTE GmbH is the leading supplier of all types of [...]


Arsenic High purity Arsenic is needed to produce III/V-semiconductors like GaAs, which is used to make high frequency integrated circuits (power amplifiers in cell phones, [...]


Germanium Germanium is transparent for infrared radiation that is that has a wavelength of between 2 and 12 micrometers. It is therefore ideal to produce IR-optical devices [...]


Antimony High purity Antimony is used to produce III/V-semiconductors like Indium Antimonide (InSb) used for Hall sensors and infrared detectors and as a dopant for [...]

Silicon Metal

Silicon Metal We source chemical and metallurgical grade silicon metal. Customers’ silicon size requirement ranging from fine to lump can be accommodated upon [...]

Nickel Cathode

Nickel Squares We offer a customized service for cutting nickel cathode to any size our customers require, for example: Anodes, half plates, quarter plates, full plates 1″ [...]

LME Lead

Inquiry to procure lead needs are welcomed. LME and Non LME Reg. Lead, 99.97 % min LME and Non LME Reg. Lead, 99.985 % min Lead – 99.985 [...]
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