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Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Amalgamet Canada
60 Yonge St.,
Suite 1001
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5E 1H5
Tel:  416-366-3954
Fax: 416-366-0586


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High Quality Selenium Products

Amalgamet Canada acts on behalf of
RETORTE GmbH of Germany for sales of their selenium products in North America.

The main use of selenium is for decolorizing container glass where it is used in the form of selenium metal, zinc selenite or sodium selenite, which helps to neutralize green streaks caused by iron impurities. In addition, at higher levels selenium is used for red coloration, like in red traffic lights, and for the production of ultra violet light absorbing red colored flat glass, such as privacy glass in automobiles.

High purity selenium can be doped with other metals for coating digital X-ray detectors. It can also be used in zinc selenide for infrared windows in CO2 lasers. The use of high purity selenium in rectifiers and photocopier drums, despite their decline, still represents an important application.

Selenium is found in more than 20 proteins in the human body and in the form of gluthadionperosxidase (GSH-Px) it controls an important function of the body’s anti-oxidative protective mechanism. Selenium is also important for the immune system, the prevention of cancer, slowing the ageing process, reducing repercussions of stress and improving man’s fertility, as stated in several scientific publications. As selenium occurs in natural food sources in very small quantities only, it has been added as a trace element for more than 20 years in animal feed. It is also an important component in baby food and is quite popular in the form of selenium supplements.  Although Selenium is an essential trace element, it is very toxic in larger doses.

RETORTE’s main products and markets are:

Selenium Metal
Sodium and Zinc Selenite
Glass, Ceramic and Pigment Inustry
Sodium Selenite Animal Feed Industry
Selenium Dioxide Galvanic Industry
High Purity Selenium & Alloys Photocopier and Rectifier Industry
Sodium Selenite Pharmaceutical and Food Industry

Boron Products

Boric Acid Powder Boric Acid Granular
Ulexite Ulexite
Ubor 15 Ubor 15G

Amalgamet Canada is the Canadian distributor for boron products produced by INKABOR of Peru, who in turn is owned by Colorobbia Group of Italy, a worldwide leader in ceramic frits and raw materials for the industrial ceramic sector.

INKABOR main mining activity is in the Laguna Salina’s Salar, a Ulexite deposit located at 4,100 meters above sea level, about 80 km southeast of Arequipa in southern Peru. The mine is an open pit deposit and is exploited only during six months of the year and remains closed during the heavy rain season (from January to June). Near the mine the Ulexite is calcined at a fully automated plant, which is running continuously year round, producing several products with different B2O3 levels and size distributions. From there calcined Ulexite is shipped to INKABOR’s main production plant for boric acid, located on the Rio Seco in Arequipa.

Principal Uses of Boron:
  For fibre glass and borosilicate glass
  In agriculture as an essential micronutrient
  For Ceramic applications, such as enamels, frits and glaze
  As a wood preservative
  Flame Retardant
  In electroplating
  Chemical reactions
  Soap and detergents
  Leather processing and finishing
  Corrosion inhibition
  Pharmaceutical and cosmetic products