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A brief history of British Metal, Amalgamet Canada and the AMC group


The British Metal Corporation was established in England in November 1918 out of the Government’s Non-Ferrous Metals Control of the Ministry of Supply, which was responsible for securing raw material feedstock for the First World War, employing some of the leading metal traders of the time. When the armistice was signed, outstanding long term contracts and the relationships built during this period clearly belonged in the private sector so The British Metal Corporation was formed with the objective “to foster trade in non-ferrous metals in the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth…and promote the well being of the whole non-ferrous metals industry” – an ambitious mandate! 


The British Metal Corporation became known as the Amalgamated Metal Corporation in 1929 when it merged with Henry Gardner & Company, a trading company established by the former director of Henry R. Merton, another early LME trading company founded by a descendant of the famous German trader, Philip Abraham Cohen, who also established Metallgesellschaft.


Today’s Amalgamet Canada was incorporated in January 1922 in Montreal as The British Metal Corporation (Canada) Limited as part of London headquarters’ reinvigorated strategy to supply raw materials, concentrates and metals from all over the British Empire, to European industries.  Other British Metal offices opened in Australia, India, Pakistan, Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), South Africa, Japan, Italy and other locations over the years, and while some were later privatized or sold and others added, our global coverage remains through a network of similar minded companies ready to help our customers. 


Initially, BMC Canada exported lead, zinc and other concentrates produced in Canada by Hudson Bay Mining and Smelting, Noranda, Cominco and others. Later we acted on behalf of Sherritt Gordon Mines (Nickel and Cobalt);  Consolidated Durham Mines and Resources Ltd. (Antimony Concentrates); Allied Eneabba Pty. Ltd. (Rutile, Zircon, Monazite); Mineral Deposits, Div of BHP; (Rutile) Namakwa Sands Div of Anglo American (Rutile and Zircon); Chromasco (now Timminco), Magnesium; Amax (Magnesium); Northwest Alloys Div. Alcoa (Magnesium); Cal Graphite (Crystalline Graphite); Saskatchewan Minerals (Anhydrous Sodium sulphate); Garnet Millers Australia PTY Ltd (Garnet); TANCO (Spodumene);and Kalium Chemicals Limited (Potash)


In 1981, all AMC Group companies in Canada were merged as Divisions into Premetalco Inc based in Toronto, they were: Wilkinson Steel, Debro Steel, Exchanger Industries, National Concrete Accessories, Amalgamet Canada, and Debro Chemicals.


Today Amalgamated Metal Corporation PLC (AMC) is a member of the AMC Group, a subsidiary of AMCO Investments Ltd.  who acquired the  AMC  Group from TUI AG (formerly Preussag AG).   Preussag purchased the AMC Group from the Bolivian Patino family in 1978 who held the ownership since 1969 through their subsidiary, Consolidated Tin Smelters.


Amalgamet Canada (AC) takes full advantage of its worldwide links and favorable geographical location to serve a wide variety of industries in North America and around the world.  We are now working with PPM Pure Metals GmbH (High Purity Metals and Chemicals); Retorte (Selenium and compounds);  Treibacher AG (Ferro Vanadium), Inkabor S. A. (Boric Acid). In addition we also assist our clients with their requirements for other feedstock raw materials as requested. Amalgamet’s many years of experience in the many different metals and industrial minerals allows us to provide expert marketing assistance.


In 2011 after corporate restructuring, Amalgamet Canada became a Limited Partnership, remaining in the AMC Group of companies.